How It Works

Zentangle is a unique art form used to create beautiful images from repetitive patterns. At first glance, a Zentangle may seem intricate and complex, yet its simplicity, fun and captivating nature become clear when you see how it is done. You can transfer the insight and success you feel from Zentangle to any life experience.

In Zentangle, you make each pen stroke consciously and intentionally. We are always making "life strokes" such as thoughts, words and deeds. By making each stroke deliberately, you will understand how those apparently small and insignificant strokes of our moment-to-moment days contribute to your life pattern.  The very act of putting your pen to medium focuses your attention in a way similar to meditation or being "in the zone." As your eye follows your pen strokes, your attention shifts to a state that allows fresh thoughts, new perspectives and creative insights to flow unhindered.  There is no eraser for life and there is no eraser for Zentangle. However, you will discover that even if you make what appears to be a mistake, you can build on that event as a new pattern and go in unexpected and exciting new directions.  Zentangle takes brainstorming to a new level through its metaphor of "not knowing." Unlike most art and creative activities, you begin intentionally unaware of what your Zentangle will look like. By not planning ahead for an intended outcome, participants build and expand on each new idea unhindered and unconstrained by preconceptions.  Zentangle mimics the fractal nature of the universe. Each stroke creates a pattern called a tangle. Tangles are nested within a string, or a line around which tangles are drawn. Tiles are the paper on which you draw a Zentangle; these can be grouped into larger mosaics.  Zentangle offers both a freedom and a challenge, as there are no restrictions aside from the edge of the medium. There is no predetermined solution – unlike crossword puzzles, jigsaws or Sudoku. You cannot fail to create a Zentangle. This freedom can be a bit unnerving at first. Soon it becomes a freeing and uplifting experience as you realize you can create never-ending, ever-changing designs.